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Correll Color Guide

Below are the different wood grains and colors used in Corell tables. Just remember that individual monitors and printers will not reproduce an exact true  representation of the colors, the high pressure laminate's or melamine's. If you need an exact match, please request actual color chips.

Remember, that a "laminate", for some manufacturers may be a thin piece of plastic film. When we say "high pressure laminate table", or "Laminate table" we mean a table made with a durable, high quality, high pressure laminate manufactured by Nevamar, a well-known US manufacturer of high pressure laminate's.  When we use the term melamine table, we are referring to a plastic film attached to the top of the core. Not as durable as a laminate, but a great inexpensive and attractive solution for a folding table. 




Melamine is a thin plastic sheet that is attached to the top of the core to provide a attractive surface.  Not as durable as the High Pressure Laminates.